We offer a wide variety of environmental transportation services including the services listed below:

  • Hazardous and Non-hazardous materials (liquid / phased / semi solids / dry bulk)
  • High Vac units (liquid, solids and soft dig requirements)
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Vacuum Trailers
  • Service trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Drum Vans / Drum Trailers
  • Roll off Trucks & Containers
  • Emergency Response Trailers
  • Excavators
  • Loaders
  • Compressors


 Transportation Permits

USDOT# 695915

USDOT Hazardous Materials Certificate of Registration 090710-550-023RT

Federal Transporter EPA ID#   NJR000040667

  • NJ Solid Waste                                                        DEP-20931
  • NJ Hazardous Waste                                               DEP-50180
  • Delaware Solid Waste                                              DE-SW-1370
  • Delaware Hazardous Waste                                     DE-HW-478
  • Pennsylvania Residual Waste                                   WH-5324
  • Pennsylvania Hazardous Waste                               PA-AH-0558
  • Maryland Oil Transporter                                         98-OPV-6198
  • New York Hazardous Waste                                    DE-019
  • Virginia Hazardous Waste                                        NJR0118811745
  • Florida Hazardous Waste                                         NJR000040667
Monarch Environmental Services, Inc.